11 movie extras who don't really know what they're doing

You had one job

Did you spot the bad extra in James Bond?
(Image credit: Rex)

You literally had one job

There's something brilliantly funny about a bad movie extra. When Hollywood's poorly paid underdogs occasionally and unintentionally grab the limelight for a split-second, it's almost always down to a mistake of some sort - a bumped head, a bad camera angle or a dog being inexplicably tossed into a river (see point number 5 for more details).

And though wayward extras might be a director's worst nightmare, they're pretty hilarious for the rest of us. Here are the 11 best movie extra fails.

1) This storm trooper bumping his head in Star Wars

2) This guy sweeping the air in James Bond: Quantum of Solace


You had one job.

3) The chap who falls to the ground without actually being hit in The Dark Knight Rises (circled)

The classic 'air punch'


4) This over-acting extra in Coach Carter

Can you spot who we're talking about?

Everyone else pretty miffed about the game being cancelled, but this guy is 'shaking fist' livid:


5) Someone throwing a dog in the ocean for absolutely no reason in Mr Nanny (1.15) 

Why is the dog being thrown into the ocean? No-one knows:


6) This kid blocking his ears BEFORE the gun goes off in North By Northwest

Gave the game away a bit there buddy...


7) The frozen children in the background of Everything Must Go 

'Just act natural guys - and also stay totally still'


8) This ape from Planet of the Apes with the most lacklustre throw ever


'Yeah I'm kind of over this scene now if I'm honest'

9) This woman talking to no-one at all in The Room

Dude, there's no-one there...


10) This chap who falls over without being touched in Star Wars


Though admittedly this could just be a 'force' thing

11) And this cat, who surely never worked again


'Ah Mr Bond, I've been expect-arrrgh'

Lucy Pavia