Kim Cattrall has a new TV show and it's set to air on the same day as And Just Like That

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Kim Cattrall is one of the most talked-about women in the world, making headlines earlier this month for the news of her return to the SATC family, confirming that she had filmed a cameo for the second season of And Just Like That

The cameo, which is set to air in the finale episode, has already been filmed, with Variety reporting that no other cast members were present. Although it has been reported that SATC costume designer Patricia Field, who also chose not to return for And Just Like That, styled Cattrall for her one Samantha scene.

Fans rejoiced at the news, with theories circulating that the cameo could pave the way for Samantha to play a more significant role in the show's coming seasons.

This week however it was confirmed that Cattrall is set to star in a new show, with the release date being the exact same as And Just Like That season two.

Glamorous is the upcoming Netflix series that everyone is talking about this month, following make up-obsessed Marco Meija, played by Miss Benny, and his dream job working for famed beauty boss Madolyn Addison.

Addison, a supermodel turned CEO boss, is of course played by Cattrall, who is expected to feature in all 10 episodes.

“Glamorous tells the story of Marco Mejia, a young gender non-conforming queer man whose life seems to be stuck in place until he lands a job working for legendary makeup mogul Madolyn Addison," reads the Netflix synopsis. “It’s Marco's first chance to figure out what he wants out of life, who he actually is, and what it really means for him to be queer.”

So that's two TV shows with Kim Cattrall landing next week - we officially cannot wait.

Glamorous and And Just Like That are both set to air on 22 June 2023, so mark your calendars!

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