We’ve found your new fragrance crush by Tom Daxon


By Rebecca Fearn

This transitional time of year between summer and autumn requires a bunch of beauty changes, one of which is finding a new fragrance (if you’re so inclined).

The good news? We’ve found the dreamiest scent of the season. Tom Daxon’s new offering, named Laconia, is perfect for easing your post-summer blues.

Credit: Tom Daxon / Fabled

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It’s a divine citrusy scent with lemon and mandarin, blended with aquatic greens (mint and violet leaf). Laconia also features warm vetiver and intoxicating cardamom to give it a special edge.

This is such a beautiful fragrance and one that works during the summertime (for obvious reasons) as well as the Autumnal seasons thanks to its warm, addictive ingredient concoction.

Seriously, you need to give this a sniff.

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