This natural deodorant has a waiting list of THIRTEEN THOUSAND people



By Rebecca Fearn.

We're used to beauty products racking up waiting lists. From Frank Body's glitter scrub years ago, to Charlotte Tilbury's newest concealer, the hottest products of the moment can certainly attract attention.

But we were a little surprised to hear that the latest product to garner a long list of avid beauty fans was... a deodorant.

Megababe's Rosy Pits - made by the same people who did the Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick, which nearly broke Instagram due to its popularity - has become so popular it's attracted an impressive 12,000-strong waiting list. Refinery29 first reported back in July that the product had 5000 on the wait list, and now the brand's Instagram is claiming the number has risen to over double the amount.

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So you might be thinking, what's all the fuss about? Well, it sounds as though the deodorant has become so lusted-over because it's a natural formula that actually works: a rarity in beauty (trust me, I've done the legwork). It has no aluminium, alcohol or baking soda, and instead contains a dreamy concoction of coconut, green tea, vitamin E, sage and sandalwood. The deo also has the coolest, Instagram-friendly packaging.

The reviews about the product speak for themselves (head over to the website to have a read) and are overwhelmingly positive. The only thing they do point out is that there is a bit of an adjustment period when switching from anti-perspirant traditional formulas to Rosy Pits, but it sounds as though it's worth the wait.

So where can you buy this wondrous natural product? Well, right now, as mentioned there is a pretty hefty waiting list. Before selling out Rosy Pits was available on J.Crew U.K, so we suggest keeping an eye out for its long-awaited return...

You might want to follow the brand's Instagram page too at @megababe

We're hoping for updates soon!

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