Introducing The Foot Treatment That Will Change Your Life This Summer. Seriously

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  • Foot products are never sexy and you'd be forgiven for passing them by. But if you want any chance of sporting flip flops this summer, it's time to pay attention.

    What is it? A chemical peel for feet (no, really) that breaks down years of dead skin build up, leaving feet gorgeously soft.

    How does it work? A potent formula of lactic and glycolic acid works deep into the skin, shifting the skin’s natural renewal process into overdrive.

    What do you have to do? It’s crazy simple. Just slip on the plastic booties that are laced with the potent formula and keep them on for one hour.

    Does it hurt? Not at all. You feel a bit silly shuffling around in plastic socks and there’s a slight fizzy tingling sensation but absolutely no pain.


    What happened next? You won’t see a difference for days and are likely to think it hasn’t worked, but be patient. Somewhere around day five (sooner if you soak them) skin will start to bubble and come away of its own accord. It’s gross but completely fascinating.

    Does it really work? Like you wouldn’t believe. After a full two weeks the transformation is amazing and even the most cracked of heels become smooth.

    How often do you do it?
    You’ll want to do it all the time but best be safe and leave at least a month between sock sessions.

    Are there any downsides?
    Plan your footwear accordingly because if they start peeling when you’re rocking an open heel, it’s mortifying.

    Where do I get them?
    Footner, £19.99, is available at Boots nationwide.

    Picture credit: Jason Hetherington


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