This affordable eye cream is adored by experts—here's how it fared in our rigorous beauty-editor test

Can it be as good as we thought?

Madeleine Spencer testing the cerave eye cream
(Image credit: Morgan Fargo, Lucy Partington and Madeleine Spencer)

Go into any drugstore or pharmacy and you're bound to see a wide selection of CeraVe skincare products. The brand is loved by beauty editors and celebrities alike, thanks to its simple approach to skincare. The products are super affordable and they really, really work. 

However, there's one product in particular that everyone seems to be talking about— and that's the CeraVe eye cream. Regarded as one of the best eye creams you can buy, it promises to minimise the appearance of dark circles, reduce puffiness and brighten the eye area.

Formulated with essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, it sounds like a winner to us. But does it really work? In order to find out, we've enlisted the help of three beauty editors. They have all tried the eye cream for the very first time, and have shared their honest opinions with us.

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Madeleine Spencer, Journalist, Broadcaster & Make-up Artist

Madeleine Spencer testing the cerave eye cream

(Image credit: Madeleine Spencer)

The verdict

"The problem with eye cream is that you never quite know if it’s working or not—you apply it and hope that it’ll do whatever it says it’ll do over time. I test with that in mind, looking for provable elements. First: brands I trust, then reading up on the ingredients, and, finally, seeing how I feel when I apply it. 

"This CeraVe Eye Repair Cream ticked the first two boxes: I know the brand make excellent, affordable skincare across the board, and the ingredients like ceramides, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid act jointly to protect and hang onto hydration.

"I was also sold on the idea of it repairing damage—38 years of smiling and crying and gravity have made the skin around my eyes a bit tired, so I quite liked the promise of a little more than just hydration.

"It didn’t disappoint. It feels like a cream with a little extra, leaving a veil of hydration (but not grease) in its wake. I think this is where the reparative bit comes in; it’s softening and instantly gratifying, but the balm finish meant that my eyes felt like they were benefitting for hours after applying. 

"As my eyes are sensitive, I also appreciated that it was fragrance-free as they didn’t water or become red after applying (which is a problem I’ve had with quite a few eye creams)."

Morgan Fargo, Freelance Beauty Editor

Morgan Fargo testing the cerave eye cream

(Image credit: Morgan Fargo)

The verdict

"I've never been one to use eye cream, thanks in large part to my exceptionally sensitive skin. I use the same products, in the same order, morning and night, seven days a week and avoid powerful active ingredients like retinol. 

"However, I am genetically pre-disposed to under-eye circles and have noticed that as I age, they're no longer remedied with a good night's sleep. Finding an eye cream suitable for sensitive skin (free from irritants like fragrance and essential oils), seemed like a sensible next step. 

"The CeraVe Eye Repair Cream is not only not eye-wateringly expensive, but is also packed with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to maintain the hydration, strength and healthy functioning of the skin barrier—everything I look for first in my skincare products. Together, hyaluronic acid and ceramides create a powerful recipe for attracting moisture to the skin and locking it in. 

"After a couple of weeks of using the eye cream (which absorbs quickly and smoothly without disappearing—things which are typically a big bugbear), I found that my under-eyes felt less puffy and sallow-looking. While it's still the first place an allergic reaction or eczema flare-up will present on my face, it alleviated the tightness I felt after removing eye make-up or first thing in the morning."

Lucy Partington, Freelance Beauty Journalist

Lucy Partington testing the cerave eye cream

(Image credit: Lucy Partington)

The verdict

"I need to start this by saying I am a CeraVe stan through and through. I love everything about the brand, from its price points to product efficacy and the general approach it has to skincare. However, this eye cream isn’t up there with my favourites from the brand. 

"There’s absolutely no denying that it’s a good, basic, hydrating formula that’s easy and lightweight to apply, plus it contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid which work to soothe and hydrate the delicate eye area without causing irritation. However, the formula contains silicone and that’s where my main issue lies—and it’s definitely more of a me problem than anything else. That’s because I’m just not a fan of silicone in skincare or make-up and so I tend to avoid it where I can. I can understand why it’s used in this eye cream, but I find that it makes my eye area feel a bit too smooth and soft, and if I apply too much then it tends to pill with the foundation and/or concealer that I apply on top. 

"It’s definitely a product best used in the evening, and I like that it's affordable and packed with proven ingredients, but, sadly, it’s just not the one for me."

Grace Lindsay

Grace Lindsay is currently Junior Beauty Editor at Who What Wear UK and previously was Marie Claire UK's E-Commerce Writer.  With over three years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, she covers everything from the best make-up and skincare deals to how to shop the stand out trends of the season. When she's not typing away at her laptop, Grace can be found shopping her favourite vintage markets IRL, or catching up on her never-ending list of books to read.