Are silk hair wraps the secret to lustrous locks?

It's time to swap your cotton bed linen

silk hair wraps
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It's time to swap your cotton bed linen

If you follow a fair amount of beauty accounts on Instagram, chances are you have come across the silk pillowcases and sleep masks by Slip. The brand is a hit on social media – favoured by the likes of Jen Atkin, Charlotte Tilbury and Cindy Crawford – and while the Instagram-worthiness of the products definitely contributes to the success, it’s also no secret that sleeping on silk pillowcases is beneficial to your skin.

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase, £79

silk pillowcases

The natural fibre absorbs less of your night creams and serums than cotton, locking in the skin’s moisture, and provides a smoother surface for your face while sleeping, reducing the chance at sleep creases while slowing down the ageing process. In addition to this, silk also helps to keep your locks healthy – nourishing bedhead, frizz and split ends.

Why is silk better for your hair?

Sleeping on abrasive bed linen can cause friction. As a result, your hair follicles are weaker and more likely to break. If you swap your cotton bed sheets for soft silk covers, your hair will ‘glide’ over the pillow instead of rubbing against it – protecting your hair from nightly damage by strengthening and thickening your locks.

What do silk hair wraps do for your hair?

Silk hair wraps are even more effective. Encouraging the natural oils to spread evenly from root to tip, they also help prevent greasy hair – making those dry shampoo sprays in between washes unnecessary. And while the idea of a hair wrap might not appeal to you at first, there are some fun designs out there (like the silk hair wraps by Silke London) that will change your mind.

Silke London 'The Poppy' Hair Wrap, £45

When going frizz-free, the most important thing to remember is that only 100% pure silk will offer anti-bedhead benefits. Stay away from poly-silk blends or other satin-like synthetic fibres and splurge on high-quality silk – it will be worth it when you wake up in the morning with healthy hair.