I Tried a Gadget That Uses Radiofrequency for Younger-Looking Skin

And here's what happened...

Sensica Sensilift

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You may have overlooked beauty gadgets in the past. But lockdown has seen us using more tools than ever to recreate salon-worthy skin from the comfort of our homes.

That's why, for the past month, I’ve been testing a gadget called the Sensica Sensilift: aka, a £280 tool that heats up your skin to produce more collagen.

The Sensilift's USP is what the brand calls Dynamic RF - a combination of massage and radiofrequency technology (something the brand has a unique patent for).

This massaging element does two key things. First, your facial muscles get an immediate lift. Second, it allows the radio frequency waves to reach the deeper layers of skin, where collagen is produced, to tighten and smooth in the long term.

How to use the Sensilift

Before you start, it is important to use the Base Gel on the area you intend to treat which ensures proper delivery of the radio frequency and effortless gliding of the device over your skin throughout the treatment.

All you have to do is apply an even layer of the Base Gel on the area you wish to treat.

The ergonomic Sensilift device comes with three settings. The idea being, that 48 hours before you start using it for real you do a test run on the area you wish to treat to determine your tolerance. I chose to start with level one, the weakest, because, you know, baby steps.

And even though I pre-read the treatment steps in the manual (which involve moving the device in slow, circular motions on the face, neck and decolletage), the movements actually felt pretty intuitive once I started. So I quickly stopped overthinking it.

Did it work?

I’m not sure what I was expecting the device to feel like. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be pain free. Even microcurrent devices I’ve used in the past sometimes zapped the skin if it found a patch with no gel on it. The Sensilift’s metal head just felt warm and picked up my muscles and kneaded them in a comforting way.

Another benefit: there's zero down time. All I noticed after rinsing off the gel was that my face was quite red. This was short-lived and just means it's working and kick-starting my circulation. That in itself is good as it sends more oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin.

After only a few treatments, the creases in my forehead began to look softer and each time I looked more rested and my cheekbones were more defined.

I imagine the results are cumulative if you regularly use the device five minutes on every area once a week for eight weeks.

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All in all, a gadget like Sensica’s Sensilift is convenient and purse friendly. Especially when you consider a single radiofrequency treatment costs around £50 in a clinic.

Plus it brings a slice of high-tech equipment to the comfort of your home, whether you want to use it as a top up between professional facials or as a stand alone treatment.

And that’s something we could all do with right now.

Fiona Embleton

Fiona Embleton has been a beauty editor for over 10 years, writing and editing beauty copy and testing over 10,000 products. She has previously worked for magazines like Marie Claire, Stylist, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health. Beauty journalism allowed her to marry up her first class degree in English Literature and Language (she’s a stickler for grammar and a self-confessed ingredients geek) with a passion for make-up and skincare, photography and catwalk trends.