How to remove gel nail polish without ruining your nails

No more peeling off your nail polish

The benefits of a gel manicure is endless. It means your best nail polish that is chip free and glossy for at least two weeks. Definitely beats painting your nails and then knocking them on the kitchen table straight away. And the fact that they dry immediately certainly helps with the toilet situation. An inevitable occurrence every time we get our nails painted. But the problem is, they’re almost impossible to take off without completely ruining your nail bed. Unless you know how to remove gel nail polish like a pro.

Thankfully, there’s a few fool-proof ways to take it off. And you won’t have to submit your nails to torture.

How to remove gel nail polish

Soak off gel nail polish

This method takes a while, so it requires patience, as well as a bit of hard work. But, it will help you remove your gel nail polish without ruining your nails.

First, fill a large bowl with warm water. Then, take a smaller bowl and fill it with acetone before placing it inside the large bowl like you would with a double boiler. While the acetone warms up, buff the surface of your nails to break the bond. Then, place your nails in the warmed up acetone and allow to soak for 10 – 15 minutes. Take a wooden orange stick and gently loosen the gel on the corners of your nails until it’s removed completely.

Follow up with a generous amount of hand cream and cuticle oil.

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Remove gel nail polish with DIY foils

The first time you do this, you may find it difficult to do. But, once you’ve got the hang of it, this method will become your go-to. It’s quick, easy and won’t do any harm to your nail bed.

First, grab a bottle of acetone and cotton balls from your local pharmacy. You’ll also need tin foil form the kitchen and a sturdy nail buffer.

Buff your nails, so the surface of your nail isn’t shiny any more. This means that the gel bond is broken. Then, soak a cotton ball in the acetone and place it directly on top of your nail. Now, wrap each finger with a small piece of foil and let it soak for 10 – 15 minutes. When you take off the foil, pinch your nail as you do. The gel nail polish should slide off with the foil.

How to remove gel nail polish

How to remove gel nail polish with a kit

If you can’t find all of the pieces you need for above. Invest in one of the kits specifically designed to help you take off your gel nail polish. Ciate’s Geltox Polish Detox Removal Kit, £25, Asos, includes removal solution, nail wraps, nourishing serum, nail file, hoof stick, a four-way nail buffer and instructions on how to remove gel nail polish.

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