This crazy beauty hack keeps your make-up intact in the shower

It's not like we were going to use them anyways

shower beauty hack
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It's not like we were going to use them anyways

True innovation is a rare and beautiful thing, which is why one girl’s tumblr beauty hack has us floored. Lauren, a 22 year old artist, came up with an ingenious way to keep her eye make-up intact even while taking a shower.

The answer, you ask? Goggles.

In a post that’s racked up over 91500 notes at this point, she published a couple of Snapchats of her before and after jumping into the shower with her swim gear. And lo and behold, in the second image her falsies are perfect, her eyeliner is dark as the night and her brows are blessed.

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The only draw back seems to be that her goggles have left a pretty serious red suction mark on her forehead, so it’s still a work in progress. People have a lot to say about it on the website (as tumblr always does), with many praising her for her efforts and more cynical users like suvy-and-gale replying ‘You innovating but what you gon do about that red mark on yo head?’.

Lauren seems to be soaking in her newfound fame though, as she should. Just today, she reblogged her own post and added the tags ‘i can’t handle this’, ‘i’m famous’, ‘about fucking time honestly’. Take it in girl, you deserve it.

What do you think? Would you try it out?

Megan C. Hills

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