Are lid tints the ultimate lazy girl eyeshadow?

We're on board

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We're on board

Words by Madeleine Spencer

From the editors of InStyle

Tried to master a cut crease and failed miserably? Or are you time-starved and just can't bring yourself to get up ten minutes early to perfect a feline flick? Don't worry - Jillian Dempsey (yes, wife of Patrick - we. know.) has got the perfect solution in her eponymous makeup range: Lid Tints.

Part subtle wash of colour, part sheeny eyelid illuminating balm, they are, in the MUA's words: 'Lazy girl make-up - think chapstick, but for your eyes.'

I met up with Jillian, who's worked with the likes of Kate Winslet, Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst, in between New York Fashion Week shows for drinks and a quick Lid Tints 101.

Here are Jillian's Lid Tint tips (try saying that after a few cocktails!):

Application is easy

'You can absolutely just use your fingers to apply it,' says Jillian. This is even better news if you're not into putting effort into make-up as brushes mean regular washing which means faff.

Don't worry about what to pair it with

'It's up to you - if you worry about greasy lids, apply it after a primer. If you want to wear it with liner, it can be used to light the lid up.'

Smudge it wherever you like – there no rules

'If you like some smudged under your eyes, go ahead.'

Team with eyeshadow for a great daytime look

'Adding a bit over shadow gives it a little messiness to the make-up - it's what Kristen Stewart asks for as she loves that look - and in daylight, powdery shadows don't always look great.'

For best results, pair with glossy, healthy skin and a dash of bronzer for a modern, pared-back look. Lid Tints, available to pre-order at BeautyMart for £24.50.

I'm now a convert. Quick. Foolproof. These really are a must for all you time-starved beauty obsessives out there.

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