Stop everything! There's a new Harry Potter highlighting palette

Just when you thought Harry Potter make-up fever couldn't get any higher

harry potter highlighting palette

Just when you thought Harry Potter make-up fever couldn't get any higher

Last week we were blessed with the arrival of Harry Potter make-up brushes. The internet literally went into overdrive as news of the wand inspired brushes hit sites and people marked their calendars for the arrival of make-up magic. Then, just as everything started to settle, news of more Harry Potter inspired make-up surfaced. This time in the form of a Harry Potter highlighting palette. And unlike fictional palettes of the past, this Hogwarts Highlight and Contour Palette is 100% real.

Created by Etsy vendor A Whimsical Willow, the palette contains three shimmery highlighters (unicorn hair, hedwig and butterbeer foam). Plus, three contour shades (dragon wings, pigwigeon and firewhiskey). And the best part is, they're all vegan and cruelty free. Designed to worn as duos, each shade complements the other to give you the perfect highlight and contour effect.

Speaking of highlighter, have you tried this quiz? It matches you to the best highlighters in the beauty game!

Shades in the Harry Potter Highlighting palette

Unicorn hair is a silver highlighter with purple and blue shimmer.

The Hedwig highlighter is a similar shade to Harry's Snowy Owl - white and grey with a hint of silver.

And Butterbeer Foam is a golden highlighter that actually resembles the colour of beer.

Meanwhile, Dragon Wings is a dark brown contour shade with green and blue flecks.

Pigwigeon is a golden brown sculpting colour that resembles the shade of Ron's owl.

And Firewhiskey is a golden brown.

As well as the highlighters, all of the sculpting shades are packed with shimmer, so you get a luminous glow rather than a matte finish. And all palettes come with the Hogwarts school crest embossed on the cover. As well as a fake King's Cross station ticket for the Hogwarts Express. Genius.

Armed with this, all you'll need is to learn the ricks of the trade. So, if you're still unsure of how to contour, let us guide you. Watch our easy step-by-step tutorial and become a pro in no time.

Natalie Lukaitis