How to do 1920s make-up

Unleash your inner flapper

Unleash your inner flapper

After years of make-up being in the wilderness, it really kicked off again during the 1920s. Cosmetics became more affordable and new products launched onto the market. Silver screen sirens like Louise Brooks, Clara Bow and Greta Garbo became the epitome of beauty and women worldwide copied their looks - painting their lips in shades of red, elongating their brows and creating dark shadows around their eyes for dramatic effect to complement their 1920s fashion.

The 1920s were also the era when Max Factor began officially referring to his cosmetics as 'make-up', so you could say it was the moment lipstick, rouge, eyeshadow and mascara flourished. Similarly, Shiseido was producing their own unique beauty products for the modern Japanese woman and Maybelline started to create many more products in their collection.

But perhaps the most important role of 1920s make-up was playing a huge part in helping women recover from the time of the war and assert their newly formed feminine power.

Heading to a fancy dress party and need to do 1920s make-up? We've pulled together a step-by-step and video to help.

How to do 1920s make-up:

How to do 1920s eye make-up

Step 1: Prep and prime.

Using a small firm brush, sweep an eyeshadow primer over your whole lid.

Step 2: Add colour.

Starting at the inner corner of your eye, sweep a dark eyeshadow (try a burgundy for something different) up, over your eye socket and then fill in.

Step 3: Blend.

Using a soft eyeshadow brush, soften the edges of your eyeshadow colour.

Step 4: Define your lower lash line.

With a small, soft brush sweep your eyeshadow along your lower lash line to add definition.

Step 5: Define and conceal.

Run a kohl eyeliner along your top lash line and then use a small brush to blend it into your eyeshadow. Then, apply concealer in an upside down triangle under your eyes before blending with a makeup sponge to brighten up the area.

Step 6: Round your eyebrows.

One of the iconic make-up looks of the 1920s was rounded eyebrows, so take a brow pencil and with short strokes round out your eyebrows and elongate them at the end.

Step 7: Add mascara and conceal.

The 1920s were all about heavily layered mascara on both the top and bottom lashes, so apply at least three layers.

To get the 1920s look, you'll want to hide the contours of your mouth so you can create a cupids bow pout.

How to do 1920s lips

Step 8: Add lipstick.

Red was the colour of the 1920s, so choose a shade that suits you. Create an x in the middle of your top lip to accentuate your cupid's bow with a lip brush and then draw a straight line from that x to the corner of your mouth before filling in.

How to do 1920s skin

Step 9: Mattify your skin.

Powder was a girls' best friend back in the 20s, so lightly sweep a translucent powder over your face to set your make-up in place.

Step 10: Highlight your cheeks.

Using a soft face brush, highlight the top of your cheekbones to make the light bounce off like a 1920s screen siren.

Natalie Lukaitis