#PartyHair: How To Make The Most Of Your Fine Hair

Defy gravity and restore volume to fine hair with these brilliant tips.

If you naturally have very fine hair – or you have started to notice it thin of late – then you know how disheartening it can be to style; to try and create volume where there is none.

So, in the third video in our series of easy hair tutorials, to make Christmas party season a little easier – or indeed styling anytime – we’ve collaborated with Andrew Bidwell of Swell to show you how you can create life and volume in otherwise limp hair.

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Does your fine hair need a boost? Andrew used…

Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo 

Swell Root Nutrient Complex 

Swell Advanced Volumizing Shampoo

Swell Advanced Volumizing Conditioner 

Swell Advanced Volumizing Masque 

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