Curl Power: These nine products meet the needs of afro and curly hair brilliantly

Introducing Gold Series from Pantene

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The little things really can have the biggest impact on how you feel – and as so many of us have discovered over recent months and weeks, the look, feel and condition of our hair can be crucial to that.

Afro and other types of curly hair, in particular, have their own special needs – not least when so many choose to wear it in so many different ways across a spectrum that runs from natural to relaxed and everything in between.

Gold Series from Pantene was developed specifically to care for and enhance afro hair. Co-created over 15 years with a team of black scientists and dermatologists, every one of its range of nine products – ranging from shampoos and conditioners to hydrating masks and oils – has been developed to offer deep moisturisation and help prevent damage.

‘We studied the practices of women with afro hair,’ says Pantene scientist Rolanda Wilkerson, PhD. ‘This collection reflects the years of research and in-depth analysis of our unique hair type with a blend of ingredients that has been tailored to provide the right level of moisturisation; whether your hair is relaxed, natural or transitioning.’

Those years involved not only decoding the biology of afro hair, but taking research from studies on afro hair in the US, Brazil, Nigeria and Kenya and asking women what they felt was missing from current products and what they thought their hair needed.

Ramla Ali, Professional Boxer

For brand ambassador Ramla Ali, the result of all that research is there in the products. ‘I never really used to care for my hair,’ the title-winning boxer says, ‘because I was in and out of training and there were never any products I really loved.’ Gold Series from Pantene has changed all that. ‘It has products for everyone,’ she says.

She cites Gold Series from Pantene Curl Defining Pudding (£7.99*) as a perfect example of that. She’s regularly complimented on her curls and ‘It helps reduce a lot of the frizz my hair suffers from,’ she says. In fact, it does such a brilliant job at defining and managing hair, her husband uses it too (‘And he’s white,’ she adds with a laugh).

Looking good is really about helping yourself feel good too. With Gold Series from Pantene, it’s easy.

Ramla (also) recommends…

Gold Series from Pantene Sulfate Free Shampoo, £5.99*

Infused with argan oil, the rich lather gently cleanses and instantly softens dry, damaged hair. Free of parabens, sulphates and silicones, it removes build-up without stripping hair, helping to keep it looking and feeling healthy. ‘The range has something for everyone,’ says Ali, ‘not only people with curly hair.’ Perfect for use in treated hair.

Gold Series from Pantene Thermal Heat Protector, £7.99*

A must for Ali before heat styling or blow drying. Infused with argan oil, it helps prevent heat tool-related damage before it occurs, making hair resilient against breakage for smooth, beautiful style.

Gold Series from Pantene Leave In Conditioner Hydrating Butter-Crème, £7.99*

This creamy argan oil-infused formula delivers moisture and shine and helps defend against damage. Ali likes to run the product through her hair, allowing it to nourish and protect, even while she’s training. ‘My hair just loves me for it,’ she says.

Discover and shop the complete Gold Series from Pantene range online at Superdrug, Amazon, Tesco (online), Boots (online) and Ocado


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