Bun dropping is the latest Instagram beauty craze

Drop everything...

what is a bun drop
(Image credit: Lovekin/WWD/REX/Shutterstock)

Drop everything...

You know those shampoo commercials where the model unravels her bun or ponytail and then relishes in the shiny, soft quality of her hair in slow motion? Well, people are taking to Instagram to have their own salon ad model moments with the latest trend to hit Instagram - bun dropping.

Ok, so it's technically not a 'beauty trend' as such, but after trying it for ourselves, we can vouch that you feel pretty beautiful while doing it, hence the adoption of the phrase.

In fact, it's kicked off with such a bang, Instagrammers are now unravelling and swishing their hair to varying degrees of slow mo and sometimes, even set to bass drops for maximum impact.

Lengths vary too, with a slew of very impressive tight buns that have somehow been made up of just a thick LOB (honestly, we struggle to get ours into a low ponytails!) and impressive voluminous buns that disentangle to reveal Rapunzel-esque magnitude.

Some even have the mesmerising quality of a unicorn's tail swaying in the air as it prances around - if we were to ever see one.

It's honestly addictive to watch. Much point to it? No. Strangely satisfying? Yes.

Natalie Lukaitis