Blonde vs brunette: 11 celebrities help you decide

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  • Will you test whether blondes have more fun? Or will you join the dark side?

    It’s an eternal struggle. Blonde hair vs brown hair. Do we go light? Do we go dark? Or do we just find middle ground and go in between? If in doubt, the best way to work out whether you’ll suit blonde hair or brown hair is to look at celebrities with a similar skin tone to you and then go through photos of them when they’ve been blonde and brunette.

    This can take ages. Trust us. We know. Because we’ve gone ahead and done all the hard work for you.

    From Cameron Diaz to Kim Kardashian, we look at the celebrities who have changed their hair colour and nailed the blonde look, the brunette look, or both. And the reasons why.

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    For example, the warmth in Jessica Alba’s skin tone completely changes with her hair colour. When she’s blonde, her complexion looks brighter, but cooler. And when she’s brunette, her skin looks more golden. In contrast to this, Miranda Kerr’s complexion looks more vibrant when she has brown hair. But, when she lightens it up, her skin exudes more of a warm glow.

    Facial features can change too. For instance, when Kristen Stewart sports a peroxide ‘do, her brows look bolder and her structure looks more sculpted. But, when she goes back to her roots with brown hair, her facial features look softer and more balanced. Similarly, when Kim Kardashian changed her hair colour to blonde, her features became far more striking. Each facial trait of hers took a life of its own.

    Now, that’s not say that any of these celebrities looked better or worse with blonde or brown hair. But, it does make a case for hair colour ideas that can completely transform your whole look.

    So before you go several shades lighter, or join the dark side, check out these blonde vs brunette celebrity hair colours.

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