Battle of the beards: we put celebrity facial hair to the test

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  • We ask the most important question of today, do these celebrity men look better with hair on their faces?

    Facial hair is like Marmite; you really do either love it or hate it. Some people can?t get enough of a bristly beard or a well-groomed moustache, while others prefer it smooth as a…well, you get the picture.

    However yesterday it seemed that the majority of Twitter was pro-beard after a picture of emerged of former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband sporting some dashing salt and pepper facial hair of his own! #Milibeard swiftly began trending (we?re not sure if the Milifandom had anything to do with that) and people were guiltily admitting that they quite fancy the politician with his new look.

    The beard trend appeared in around 2013, and the phase that hasn?t seemed to have ended yet (along with man buns), appearing on the faces of countless Hollywood heartthrobs. In fact, for us, beards and facial hair in general pinpoint significant moments in our man-loving history.
    How can we forget Brad Pitt circa 1994 when he sported long, luscious blonde locks and a goatee? Or when Shia LeBeouf appeared to have a small bush on his face for while ? before he opted for the long, plaited ponytail of course. We all admired Ryan Gosling in The Notebook in all stages of his facial hair timeline ? because we love Noah no matter what he looks like ? while we began to question Matthew McConaughey?s facial hair decisions when his beard got just a bit too straggly for our liking.

    Undoubtedly some men look fantastic with a beard (Chris Hemsworth as Thor, we’re looking at you), while others not so much (we?re sorry Leo but we love you so much with a silky smooth face), and others completely divide opinion (Ed Miliband).

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