Gemma Arterton spills her beauty secrets

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  • The English actress reveals her love of LED facials, infrared saunas and reveals the icy beauty trick she swears by...

    From her flawless skin to her beautiful dark brown eyes, Gemma Arterton is every inch the English rose. Her back catalogue is just as enviable and impressive too! She’s starred in hits like Quantum of the Solace, St Trinian’s and also in critically acclaimed productions at the National Theatre such as Saint Joan.

    Beauty Writer Charlotte Clark chatted to the starlet to find out her ultimate beauty secrets. Keep scrolling to find out how she keeps her complexion glowing, the products that are always in her makeup bag and why she’ll never go on a detox…

    Gemma arterton

    On having two different beauty regimes…

    I have a different beauty regime for day and night but they’re both quite simple. I’ve always had dry skin, my Mum does too so I think it’s genetic. The older I’ve got definitely felt it more though which makes it all the more important to use a good moisturiser. Taking off your makeup before bed is essential, Neutrogena’s Gelee Milk Cleanser is great for that. It even works on waterproof mascara! Then I’ll use a rich moisturiser to tackle any dryness.

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    On tube skin…

    The tube is so awful for your skin! I think it’s actually worse than some of the busiest streets in London for you and makes your face so dirty. Using the best cleanser is so important to help get rid of the grime from the day. Once I’ve cleansed my face in the shower, I apply Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost City Shield, which has SPF, Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in it. Naturally I’m quite dehydrated so it’s important for me to use a good quality moisturiser and then I’ll finish with an eye cream.

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    Gemma Arterton

    On how not to tan…

    Can you remember back in the 70’s and 80’s when everyone used to do that hardcore tanning? When people used to slather oil all over their bodies and then sit outside and bake? My Mum used to do that! That was before everyone realised how it was for your skin. Now I’m religious about applying SPF come rain or shine I’d never leave the house without it.

    On her ultimate beauty hack…

    If I’ve been up ‘til 4am, working really late and my eyes look swollen, I learned a great trick to depuff them – fast. Take a couple of ice cubes and wrap them in a muslin cloth then hold it against your face and under your eyes for a few seconds. It has an amazing instant lifting effect and really helps to wake you up. If I have longer I love putting an eye mask in the fridge and then lying down with it on and just relaxing for 30 minutes.

    Gemma arterton

    On all-time favourite makeup products…

    I can’t live without my under eye concealer, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is the best. It doesn’t budge once you’ve applied it and the stick applicator makes it really easy to use. You can just blend it in with your fingers. I don’t usually wear any foundation so just use a cover up sparingly if I have a blemish or any redness around my nose.

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    Another one I love from NARS is their creamy multi blusher. I always put a blusher on, I’ve found it’s the best way to warm up my complexion otherwise I have a tendency to look a bit sallow. My aim with a blusher is to find one that is quite dewy, which is why I prefer a cream formula to a powder. I was once told to apply it to the apples of my cheeks but I think that can look a bit child-like so I dust it along my cheekbones, which I think looks quite elegant.

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    My final one would have to be Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, it’s like a really luminous tinted gel that warms you up and gives you a naturally sun kissed look.

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    On LED facials…

    I love a facial and recently I’ve been combining them with a red-light therapy treatment too where you wear one of those light masks. They’re great for boosting collagen and they’re easy to use. My approach to beauty is quite holistic so I don’t like trying anything artificial or anything too weird! I’ve been in those infrared saunas though. The sensation is really relaxing, it just feels warm and you can sit back and read a book. It’s lovely.

    On her favourite ever spa treatment…

    I absolutely love steam rooms. Actually my dream would probably be to have a little one tucked away in my house. They’re great to actors too, if you’re in a play or filming as they’re really good for your voice. And good for a hangover too!


    Gemma arterton


    On a love affair with yoga…

    I started practicing yoga aged 17 and now I’m 32 so I’ve been doing it nearly half my life! I’ve experimented with lots of different types but Vinyasa is my favourite as well as Mandala. I try and go to a class four times a week and still find it a challenge. Something I’ve recently mastered is doing a handstand which I had never been able to do properly until now.

    On detoxing…

    I usually do an annual yoga retreat, which I love. But I don’t do an extreme detox version, I like places where you can have a glass of wine if you want and they aren’t too strict. If I’m on holiday I want to be able to relax and enjoy myself! It’s perfect if you can do a retreat abroad and have a chance to enjoy the sunshine too.

    On holidaying solo…

    Sometimes if I’m doing a retreat I’ll just pick a random one and turn up on my own, with no idea what it’s going to be like. It’s a great way to meet different people. I’ve done them with friends before too but I think you have to be very close as it’s such a personal experience and you want to feel relaxed and make sure you’re in the same sort of space.

    On public transport…

    I actually love getting the bus, sitting by the window and just watching the world go by! I walk as much as I can when I’m in London too but I’m far too nervous to cycle around London.

    On her all-time career highlights…

    Definitely making the transition to producing films from acting. It was such a pinch me moment when I was on the set of Vita and Virginia recently. It’s such hard work and takes a lot of passion to get everything organised and to the point where everybody is on set – all the actors and all the crew – I just felt so proud, it was a real achievement.

    Gemma Arterton is beauty ambassador for Neutrogena Hydro Boost. For more information, visit or @Neutrogenauk

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