Sol de Janeiro just announced a new fragrance, and it's probably the best thing I've ever smelled

It's unbelievably comforting

Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 and Delicia Drench Body Butter
(Image credit: Shannon Lawlor)

When it comes to all things perfume, fragrance and scented body care, I like to consider myself somewhat of an aficionado. As a beauty editor, my not-at-all specific and, let's be honest, not-that-specialised expertise lies in all things smelly. And, up until recently, my specialism hasn't really had a huge amount of demand—but then Sol de Janeiro came along and caught everyone's attention. Not only has the brand proved that out-of-this-world-smelling body care is one of life's greatest pleasures, but the Sol de Janeiro perfume mists have also shown that expensive-smelling perfumes don't have to have a hefty price tag.

And now, they're back with more. Yep, Sol de Janeiro has just announced a new fragrance (and two new products) to its line-up: Delicia Drench Body Butter (out now) and Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist (out 1st Feb), both of which champion the new fragrance. 

Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 perfume mist and Delicia Drench Body Butter

(Image credit: Shannon Lawlor)

Despite the fact the brand's cult Bum Bum Body Cream has the iconic Cheirosa 62 scent that smells like warm salted caramel and mentally whisks you away to the beaches of Rio, it is worth noting that it is exceptionally sweet and gourmand. In fact, all of Sol de Janeiro's fragrances are mouthwateringly sweet—it's part of what makes them so great. They have managed to create sweet, moreish fragrances that smell adult and, truthfully, expensive. 

Having said, if you're not a fan of super-sweet gourmands and florals, and instead prefer comforting and warming skin-like vanillas and musks, you might not feel as though Sol de Janeiro products speak to you. And that, my beauty-loving friends, is where the new fragrance comes in.

What do Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 and Delicia Drench smell like?

Personally, my fragrance preferences lean towards what I like to call 'blanket scents'. You know the kind—cosy, musky, skin scents that swaddle you up in comfort and joy. So, when I first smelled both Cheirosa 59 and Delicia Drench Body Butter, I was overjoyed. 

One deep inhale hits you with a wave of nostalgia. The fragrance is, in my opinion, reminiscent of the sort of beauty products I associate with childhood—shea butter, The Body Shop White Musk and almond honey bath milks. It's sweet and vanilla-y, sure, but it has a milky warmth to it that is sophisticated and unbelievably moreish. 

With notes of plum, violet, vanilla, amber, sandalwood and vetiver, it makes for a clever blend that smells every bit as inviting and subtle as it is sweet.

A review of Sol de Janeiro Delicia Drench Body Butter

Let me start by saying that I consider Sol de Janeiro's body creams to be some of the best out there—and I get through many of body creams. While Bum Bum is great for summer legs that desire a sun-kissed shimmer, Bom Dia is a delightfully fruity number that exfoliates while it works and Beija Flor is a truly impressive concoction of efficacious ingredients that delivers next-level hydration.

And while I do adore all of the existing creams, I can't help but feel as though Sol de Janeiro lost its way a bit with trying to over complicate its formulas. Bum Bum cream has seen huge success because of two simple things—you see immediate results and it smells unbelievably good. By incorporating hardworking skincare ingredients like exfoliants and retinol into its later launches, I began to worry that the brand was missing the point. I don't believe anyone is buying Sol de Janeiro body creams for any reason other than the fact they do a stand-up job at keeping skin hydrated and that they smell exceptional.

So, you'll be thrilled to hear that I think Delicia Drench sees Sol de Janeiro going back to what they do best—luxurious textures and even better scents. There's no gimmicky ingredients in this body butter, just supped-up hydration. The texture is exquisite—it's thick but not balmy, whipped but not light and it's free from any glitter or shimmer (always a win for me). It is the sort of comforting body cream my dry, winter limbs have been crying out for. It's not greasy, but it is intensely nourishing, leaving my legs looking glowing and hydrated all day long. 

The best it? The Cheirosa 59 scent is only made better in this cream format. In the body butter, it's even creamier, not as synthetic smelling as the perfume mist (I'll got onto that in a minute) and becomes at one with the skin. It smells like fluffy bath sheets and a freshly washed, towel dressing gown. 

A review of Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist

First things first: Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist isn't out yet—but it's coming. On February 1st, in fact, and you can sign up for the waitlist now on Space NK. I anticipate it will sell out very quickly. (Delicia Drench sold out in a single day.)

Let me start by saying that as a luxury-perfume lover, I wouldn't wear Cheirosa 59 on its own as a perfume—it's sweet and, unlike the body cream, has a slight hint of synthetic sweetness to it that doesn't quite live up to my expectations. Having said that, in my opinion, all of the Sol de Janeiro perfume mists have this quality, but it doesn't make them any less great. They are still a fraction of the price of eau de parfums that don't smell nearly as good. 

Having said that, I have already used half a bottle and will continue to repurchase it forever more. After applying Delicia Drench Body Butter, a few sprays of the perfume mist over the top locks in that skin-like, creamy scent and keeps you smelling divine all day. In fact, even my fiancé (who has a terrible sense of smell) has been complimenting me on how great I smell.

If you like sweet vanillas that sit lightly on the skin, you'll adore Cheirosa 59 on its own as a daily scent option. However if, like me, you like your perfumes to smell luxurious but with an added hit of creamy, skin-like goodness, I suggest you follow my lead. I have been spritzing it over my skin before reaching for my go-to eau de parfum—it gives your perfume a moreish, delectable quality that will have people thinking you just smell that great, naturally.

Shannon Lawlor
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