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#SelfDefenseNow: reinforce your skincare regimen with Shiseido’s revolutionary pre-serum

From battling pollution during your pre-desk cycle, to planning the destination wedding of your dreams, life events  – major or minor – can affect the condition of your skin. And we all know what it’s like to experience a bothersome break-out at the most inconvenient time.

But one simple addition to your daily skincare regime can tackle aggressors such as smog, stress and (less-than) sunny weather. Boost your complexion’s natural defences by using Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate every day – the miracle product topping our beauty lust-list this season.

Exclusively developed, the signature Ultimune ComplexTM nourishes and helps shield your skin from life’s nasties, leaving your complexion feeling smooth, supple and glowing with health.

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Infused with a relaxing rose and lotus fragrance, Ultimune also harnesses the power of plants to beat back the effects of a busy lifestyle. Botanicals such as Wild Thyme act as a natural anti-oxidant, brightening skin tone and restoring radiance, while the silky texture plumps and smooths out any fine lines. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Plus, the luxurious formula also improves the effects and benefits of your existing skincare regimen. Ideal for popping into your gym kit for an aprés Barre class treat, this bestselling product really is the multi-tasker you’ve been dreaming of.

To find out more about Ultimune and how it’ll revolutionise your skincare routine, simply book your free consultation with Shiseido by visiting to find your nearest counter.

Don’t just take our word for it: an impressive 87% of women* declared that Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate made their skin feel stronger after four weeks.

Now is the time to protect your natural beauty with this #SelfDefenceNow must-have.

*Tested on over 220 women, self-evaluation.



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