This at-home hair removal device might just be the easiest and painless I've ever used

It doesn't come cheap

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I'll do pretty much anything to streamline my day-to-day routine, which includes easier hair removal. Like many others, I find it to be a laborious task so I'm always keeping my eye our for things that make it easier. So when I found out CurrentBody had recently launched a laser hair removal device (different from your traditional IPL hair removal devices) that could offer salon-worthy results, I got my hands on it and got lasering as quick as I possibly could. 

At almost £600, expectations were high. Working in the industry, I know the high levels of time and money that go into this type of tech, particularly when it's first on the market. The CurrentBody Skin Laser Hair Removal Device is the first ever at-home laser hair removal device, not to be confused with at-home IPL (intense pulse light) tools, which is not as effective as laser. Naturally, this is very exciting, but to impress me, it has to work. 

Given that in-clinic laser hair removal is pretty expensive — well over £1000 for six sessions of full body — it's definitely a more cost-effective option but does it live up to expectations? Let's get into its pros, cons and results. 

CurrentBody Laser Hair Removal Device

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Current Body Laser Hair Removal Device

Reasons to buy

Completely painless
Incredibly easy to use 
Noticeable results in just 4 weeks

Reasons to avoid

Obviously an investment
Not suitable for all skin tones

The tech 

The first thing I wanted to know was exactly how it works. It promises to reduce a whopping 80% of hairs in just four weeks. But how?

The CurrentBody device uses 810nm laser diode, generally known as being safe and effective for hair removal on many parts of the body. It works by targeting the melanin in the hair pigment, the melanin absorbs the energy produced by the laser converting it to heat and destroying the hair follicle. 

Because of how it works, not all lasers are suitable for all skin tones. Because they target melanin, melanin-rich skin is at a greater risk of burning. However, tech has advanced in-clinic, where all skin tones are now able to get the treatment. Sadly, though, CurrentBody's at-home laser isn't yet available for Fitzpatrick groups 5 and 6 - dark brown and black skin. 

The process 

Tori Crowther testing the CurrentBody Laser Hair Removal Device on her leg

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To prep my skin ahead of using the device, I first shaved the area (no more than 4 hours before) and made sure I hadn't used any creams or lotions that would interact with its effectiveness. 

I recommend watching the brand's handy how-to use YouTube video before trying out the device for the first time. I have to admit that I struggled initially to work out how to get it working, because there's only one button and I didn't find the instructions that came with it very helpful. Turns out a double click of the button actually starts the laser.

After that though, it was plain sailing. Once the laser is on, it's a press and release motion on the areas you want to remove hair. It's incredibly easy and completely painless and I'd go as far as saying it's one of the easiest devices I've used. 

The results 

To get the best results, it requires three uses weekly for the first three weeks, then once a week for 12 weeks and then top-up sessions if necessary. So, it is a bit of a time investment, but in comparison to salon visits every 4-6 weeks, its not bad at all.

I'm almost four weeks in to doing my legs and have already noticed that my hair isn't growing back as quickly or thick. The results I've seen are much faster than I've had with an IPL before. It's an absolutely doddle to use, they couldn't have made it any easier, and completely painless, which I didn't expect. I'm definitely going to be doing my under arms and bikini line now, too.  

It's definitely an expensive device so I don't recommend impulse buying one, but if you're looking into an alternative to other hair removal techniques, like bikini trimmers and waxing, and in-salon laser hair removal isn't for you, then this really is a great option. 

I'll be back in another few weeks to update you on my progress! 

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