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Science says people with blue eyes share this character trait

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  • It’s time to start wearing coloured contact lenses…

    We’ve all joked about what our hair colour says about us – some insist that blondes have more fun, there’s a common belief that brunettes tend to be more serious and redheads are renowned for having fiery tempers.

    While that is proven to be nothing more than speculation, it turns out that our eye colour could actually be a lot more revealing.

    According to a recent study, published in Current biology, having blue eyes could actually say a lot about your personality.

    The study saw a team of researchers analyse people of North European ancestry, examining the correlation between the iris colour and personality traits for each individual.

    According to their results, those with lighter eyes tended to be ‘egocentric, competitive and sceptical’, while individuals with darker eyes tended to be more agreeable.

    Suddenly we understand why Ivanka Trump changes her eye colour with coloured contact lenses depending on who she’s meeting, with her top favourite choices being bright green and dark brown.

    Attempting to explain the results, the scientists offered an explanation in their paper, and it turns out it dates back thousands of years.

    ‘The rare-colour advantage of light-eyed females is likely to increase the chance of being noticed by a male,’ the paper explained. ‘Moreover, competitive personality traits (such as wanting to beat others and being sceptical of others’ intentions) secure the long-term commitment necessary for self and offspring survival.’

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