Here's why everyone's talking about Ivanka Trump's eyes

We never noticed it before...

Ivanka complicit
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We never noticed it before...

Ivanka Trump has been a hot topic of conversation over the past few months. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, his daughter Ivanka, former reality TV personality and socialite, has been at the his side, even taking part in official state visit meetings with foreign world leaders from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Just last month the world was left confused when Donald Trump gave his daughter a West Wing office, with classified information clearance and a government-issued phone. Then, eyebrows were raised even higher when Donald appointed Ivanka (whose work experience includes featuring in Born Rich, Project Runway and Gossip Girl amongst other projects) a key role in his administration and a job that most politicians would only dream about, Assistant to the President. Yes, really.

It’s not her policies or work ethic, however, that has got everyone talking recently, it’s her eyes, most specifically, their colour.

Internet users have been fascinated with Ivanka Trump’s eyes this week, as people have started noticing that her eye colour has been changing.

It seems that the now Assistant to the President chooses her eye colour each day, either deciding to stick with her natural deep brown shade, or opting for a different colour, changing it with contact lenses – her favourites seeming to be hazel and deep green.

Appearing to change her contact lenses depending on situation, Ivanka supposedly chose to go au naturel in her meetings with the world leaders but for TV appearances, including her recent CBS interview with Gayle King, she tends to go for bright green.

There has been no official statement from the White House yet about the mystery of Ivanka Trump’s eye colour, but knowing Donald Trump we can expect a tweet about it very soon.

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