The best sun creams for dark skin tones that don’t leave behind pesky white residue

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  • Words by Sephora Landu

    There’s a common myth that people with deeper skin tones don’t need sun cream. Wrong. Let trusted aesthetician, Mojisola, founder of the Moji Skin Clinic, explain: ‘Although skin of colour is naturally more protective from the harmful rays from the sun, melanated skin can still burn and can still be susceptible to sun-induced damage.’ Which means that if you’ve been forgoing this important step, you need to read on about the best sun creams for dark skin tones.

    Sun damage does more than burning

    And of course, there’s another reason for making sure you include this step. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, exposure to sunlight is responsible for up to 90% of visible ageing. And as we know, the best skincare routine really is worthless if you aren’t wearing a daily high factor SPF. This means that sun protection is important for everyone, regardless of skin colour. The problem is that even the very best sun creams on the market don’t seem to be made with dark skin tones in mind, despite sun damage being a universal issue. Instead, a majority of SPF moisturisers and facial sunscreens on the market today leave a chalky or greasy look on deeply melanated skin.

    ‘Although there are several products on the market, very few brands have nailed a formula which does not leave a white cast,’ says Mojisola. There’s no doubt more options need to become available. But in the meantime we’ve handpicked the ones stepping up to the magnificent melanin plate, and delivering daily sun protection minus the unwanted greyish/white residue.

    It’s tricky to find a really good every day sun cream for dark skin that doesn’t leave behind a nasty white residue. Luckily we’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to. We’ve found the best sun creams on the market that suit darker skin tones.

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