Here are the latest innovations set to revolutionise your beauty routine

We set out to find out how AI and cutting-edge tech are shaking up the world of beauty

(Image credit: L'Oreal Groupe)

The beauty industry is on the brink of a revolution thanks to the latest tech-driven innovations recently showcased at VivaTech 2024, Europe's largest tech convention that brings together startups, industry leaders, and beauty innovators to explore the latest in technology.

From hyper-personalisation to advanced skincare devices, these breakthroughs promise to make beauty routines more personalised, responsible, and inclusive.

Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator who was in attendance revealed that the biggest consumer tension is not knowing the right product for you. “People are lost when they are looking for their perfect product. There’s so much advice and so many options now-a-days, so this is where personalised tech adds value.”

We asked L’Oréal Group to outline its top innovations shaping the future of beauty.

AI driven personalisation

L’Oréal Group is taking hyper-personalisation to the next level by harnessing the power of generative AI and teaming up with Meta. They announced the New Codes of Beauty Creator Program, a collaboration with 30 creators and influencers who will craft content using 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality techniques. This initiative aims to inspire fresh beauty innovations and keep consumers ahead of the latest trends in real time.

Skin science

Meet the Kiehl’s Derma-Reader, your new skincare BFF. This device uses clinical imaging technology to evaluate over 11 skin attributes, both on and below the surface. With personalised recommendations for ingredients, lifestyle tips, and targeted skincare routines, you can now achieve your best skin health ever. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a skincare routine that's uniquely yours.

Tailor made skincare

Want to elevate your skincare game? Check out the Lancôme Renergie Nano-Resurfacer 400 Booster. This advanced device uses patented nanochip technology with over 400 ultra-precise nano-tips to enhance cosmetic penetration into your skin.

"We’ve bridged the gap between home treatments and professional clinic results, delivering superior skincare performance with less cost and downtime," says Guive Balooch. Use it to achieve clinically tested results from the comfort of your home in just two weeks.

Perfect hair colour

Tired of hair colour mishaps? The My Hair [iD] Hair Reader from L’Oréal Professionnel is here to help. This advanced analyser uses ultra-precise optics to assess hair health and colour, including natural colour, colour on lengths, grey percentage, hair fibre diameter, and density. It provides personalised hair colour recommendations, ensuring every salon visit is a success.

Customised fragrance

Fragrance just got personal with YSL’s Scent-Sation. This state-of-the-art, in-store experience uses neuroscience to provide personalised fragrance advice via a neuro-connected headset. It measures your reactions to different scents to create a personalised olfactory profile, pinpointing fragrance groups that make you happy, relaxed, energised, or less stressed.

YSL Scent-Sation device

(Image credit: YSL Scent-Sation)

Advanced product testing

Welcome to the future of product testing with advanced skin technology that combines biology, mechanics, and electronics. Skin Technology by L’Oréal closely mimics human skin, elevating product testing standards in the beauty industry. It supports health industries, start-ups, and research institutes, replicating diverse skin conditions like eczema and acne, and includes capabilities for tanning and healing from injuries. This innovation promotes cruelty-free beauty, a commitment L'Oréal has upheld since 1989.

Personalised beauty interactions

Imagine beauty content created specifically for you, powered by GenAI. This technology enhances customer service by using "intent detection" to assist agents in fielding calls based on previous interactions, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer experience without replacing the human touch.

Eco-friendly practices

As the world’s fourth largest advertiser, L’Oréal is committed to leading and enabling the industry to measure the CO2 emissions generated by digital activities and identify ways to reduce their environmental impact. At VivaTech, L’Oréal highlighted partnerships with IMPACT+ to measure digital media carbon footprint, ADGREEN to baseline carbon footprint of content production shoots, and FRUGGR to measure website carbon footprint.

Personalised beauty prescriptions for all

What excites Guive Balooch every day? “I believe that one day, you will be able to measure your biology and, in combination with your lifestyle, determine the best products for your individual needs. Accessible biology will lead to better beauty prescriptions," he says.

The innovations highlighted at VivaTech 2024 demonstrate how technology is transforming the beauty industry. By focusing on sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity, these advancements enhance consumer experiences and set new industry standards. Get ready to embrace the future of beauty with these exciting new developments.

Lisa Oxenham

An award-winning health and beauty writer, stylist and creative director, Lisa Oxenham is one of the UK’s top beauty editors and the Beauty and Style Director at Marie Claire UK. With 20 years of editorial experience Lisa is a brand partnership expert, and a popular speaker, panelist and interviewer on a range of topics from sustainability to the future of beauty in the digital world. She recently spoke at Cognition X and Beauty Tech Live and is on the Advisory Board for the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition.

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