8 Embarrassing Moments Guaranteed To Happen In A Spa

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  • A professional waxer has spilled the beans on what its really like waxing the nation’s bikini lines for a living, revealing some of the most cringe beautician moments ever...

    Reliving one particurlaly embarrassing moment while writing anonymously for Refinery 29, the waxer said ‘One time, a woman’s tampon string got caught by the wax. The wax pushed onto the string, so when I ripped off the strip, the tampon came right out with it.’ The shame!

    But while, that’s an extreme example there are certain embarrassing/cringey/awkward moments every woman is guaranteed to go through during a treatment in a spa. Recognise any of the below?

    1. You’ve had your massage, you’re in that lovely dream like state when your therapist gives you one last press on your back (why do they do that?) and tells you she’ll leave you for a few minutes to relax. Now what? You were hoping for five more minutes shut eye, but if you don’t hop up and immediately get dressed she might come back in when you’re putting your knickers back on. Gah!  

    2. Speaking of which, paper knickers! Totally embarrassing. Utterly pointless!

    3. How many of you have squirmed your way through unbelievable amounts of pain, rather than fess up to your therapist that actually she’s really rather hurting you. Thought so!

    4. On the pain point, those faces you pull when you’re trying to be brave during a bikini wax.

    5. To talk or not to talk that is the question. If you’re there to chill, you don’t want mind-numbing small talk about holidays in Malia to disrupt your peace. If you’re there for a Brazilian, would that same small talk take your mind off the pain? Decisions, decisions.

    6. When therapists do that “I’m holding the towel and looking away so you can flip over” manoeuvre and the paper sheet sticks to your bum. Yeah that.

    7. Sitting in the Jacuzzi and not knowing whether to make small talk with the woman who’s just got in. When in doubt, don’t make eye contact.

    8. When its time to strip off, you never really know exactly how much to remove.

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