BA flying dozens of empty planes

'Green' British Airways flying empty 'ghost' planes across the Atlantic

BRITISH AIRWAYS HAS FLOWN dozens of empty planes across the Atlantic, as there are not enough crew to staff them. It has emerged that BA has been sending the ‘ghost planes’ from Heathrow to Canada and the US, as they fear losing valuable landing and take-off slots at the airport if they don’t.

With each aircraft creating thousands of tons of CO2, the revelation will come as a blow to BA’s green credentials, which they have been flaunting in recent advertising campaigns. They have also recently raised fuel surcharge costs for passengers, by up to £15 extra for long haul flights.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Peter Lockley of charity WWF commented, ‘This is outrageous. British Airways claims to take its environmental responsibilities seriously, but it is spewing out hundreds of tons of unnecessary carbon just to protect its profits… This just blows apart their green image.’

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