Tiger Woods faces new affair revelations

Another woman comes forward claiming that she had a lengthy affair with the championship golfer...

Gossip columnists across America are working overtime to keep up with the new raft of accusations that
Tiger Woods did have an affair – just not with nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel.

Cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, 24, has revealed to US Weekly magazine that she allegedly had a physical relationship with the golfer over a 31-month period. 

Grubbs claims she has a voicemail message and several texts as evidence. ‘He told me just last month quietly and secretly that we will always be together,’ she told US. Allegedly Woods and Grubbs first slept together in a hotel room in San Diego. ‘We never talked about his golf,’ she says. ‘Sometimes we talked about his stressful life.’

Woods’ life has certainly got a lot more stressful over the past few days. Having refused to talk to police about the recent car crash he was involved in, he’s been hit with a £100 fine, and will get four points on his licence. This could be one story that runs, and runs…


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