For Anyone Who Still Doesn’t Think Women Are Funny…

Ticket sales for female comedians have trebled in the last three years.

For anyone who still doesn’t think women are funny (are we still having this discussion in 2014, really?), the ticket sales for female comedians tell another story.

Tickets for female comedians have trebled since 2011 and have gone up a whopping 1064 per cent since 2009, according to Ticketmaster.

Leading the female breakthrough in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry is Sarah Millican, Miranda Hart and Dawn French.

Women now account for 14 per cent of sales, compared with two per cent in 2009. So, although men still dominate the comedy arena, there are definite signs of improvement.

Bruce Dessau, the comedy writer, said: ‘This dramatic increase clearly demonstrates that there is a huge demand for funny women. Fortunately there is a rapidly growing number of gifted female comedians out there to meet the demand.’



1. Sarah Millican

2. Miranda Hart

3. Dawn French

4. Pam Ann

5. Joan Rivers


1. Michael McIntyre

2. Peter Kay

3. Lee Evans

4. Micky Flanagan

5. Jimmy Carr

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