This Thigh Gap Video Has Hit On A Controversial Topic…

Is this Nowness video about people's obsession with the thigh gap perpetuating the problem of body image?

This Nowness video about society’s obsession with the thigh gap (you know, that fixation some people have about the tops of their legs NOT touching) as hit on a controversial topic.

Directed by fashion photographer Guy Aroch, the video is part of’s #DefineBeauty series and features models such as Chanel Iman flaunting their thigh-gaps all over New York.

Aroch says he shot it as way of ‘diffusing’ the taboo subject. ‘It was more a comment on the mysterious fixation women have,’ explained the director, ‘because as a male, I didn’t even know it was a thing.’

But some commentators have said that this video only serves to perpetuate and glorify this very particular body image trend.

What do you think? Watch The Magic Gap video below and let us know in the comment box…

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