Tequila can make diamonds

How to make a diamond? With a dash of tequila of course

If you’re hankering after a diamond and no one is
delivering, then you can now make your own – the key ingredient?

Scientists have discovered a way to make a type of synthetic
diamond using the popular Mexican tipple.

When the spirit is heated under pressure, it produces
diamond structures which can conduct electricity.

The new experiment, brought to light by the New Scientist
magazine, is thought to be the first time scientists have proved that synthetic
diamonds can be made from any type of alcohol.

The team of scientists heated 80% proof ‘tequila blanco’ in
a low pressure chamber. The spirit formed into crystals which were later tested
and found to have a diamond structure which could conduct electricity.

Professor Morales commented: ‘Some kinds of tequila seem naturally to have
the right mix of atoms (to create diamond).’

However, Morales added that more research was required to reveal whether the
drink could be more reliable than current raw materials. Perhaps not one to try at home…

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