McDonalds Wants To Dress You Up In Burgers

Following Moschino's high-fashion take on the golden arches, McDonalds has launched its own line

First Jeremy Scott put the golden arches all over a Moschino collection – and now McDonalds has jumped on the bandwagon with its own line of burger-themed clothing and lifestyle items.

The line, including wellies, bedding and wallpaper, is only being sold by McDonalds’ Swedish Big Mac Shop – which might explain why this attractive Scandinavian hipster is modelling the burger-print raincoat.

We can only assume that a big cheese (pun intended) at McDonalds HQ was impressed by Moschino’s take on the brand for autumn/winter 2014, which played up the trademark colour scheme and married fast-food symbolism with some serious luxury goods.

But whether the official merchandise will get the same approval from the fashion world remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can’t deny this dog coat (coming to the Big Mac Shop soon) is totally delicious.

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