DKNY 20th birthday Chari-Tee

New collaboration with charity Operation Smile

In order to celebrate their 20th birthday DKNY are teaming up with a charity called Operation Smile to produce stylish new T-shirts.

Chari-Tee is a charitable program between DKNY and those who love and wear it. So when you buy a DKNY Chari-Tee, a portion of the proceeds benefit Operation Smile, a charity that has been transforming the lives of children since 1982.

Now reaching out to 51 countries, Operation Smile has treated more than 130,000 children born with a cleft palate. The program has an extensive network throughout North and South America, Africa – central, south and north, plus the Far East and Europe.

They are growing this commitment by initiating a medical volunteer education strategy, laying the foundations for long-term self- sufficiency. Last year, the charity provided complimentary surgery for almost 11,000 children.

The T-shirts are available to buy in store now.


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