See David Beckham on Sesame Street

Watch David Beckham, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and Kim Cattrall as Sesame Street guest stars

The A-list are out in force for the 39th season of kids’ favourite Sesame Street.

David Beckham, Jessica Alba, Kim Cattrall, Heidi Klum and Jenny McCarthy are amongst the celebrity guests, co-starring alongside Elmo, Ernie and Big bird.

For Beckham, the cameo sees the football star teaching Elmo how to spell the word ‘persistent.’

A source told to The Telegraph that Becks was honoured to take part on the show. ‘David has always been a huge fan of the show’ they revealed, ‘When he was a kid he watched it, like a lot of people, and knew all the characters. He was more than happy to go on.’

See all the stars in the promo clip below.

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