Crowe to replace Pitt in movie?

Russell Crowe to replace Brad Pitt in political thriller

RUSSELL CROWE IS being lined up to replace Brad Pitt in political thriller, State of Play, as Pitt may face legal action for walking away from the movie.

Studio executives at Universal spent the weekend trying to persuade Crowe to take on the role after Pitt walked away from it because executives refused to await a resolution to the Hollywood writers strike ? now in is fourth week ? before commencing filming.

Pitt had been part of the film plans for months after agreeing to play a journalist who uncovers a murder scandal that implicates a political heavyweight he used to work for.

But, reports trade paper Daily Variety, he may now face legal action from studio bosses for turning his back on it because of a strike.

Helen Mirren and Edward Norton are still set to play supporting roles in the film, which was scheduled to start filming on 17 November.

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