Britney’s new single ban threats

Too rude: Britney Spears' new single receives ban threats

You’d think Britney Spears may attempt not to court controversy this year, but the singer has kicked off 2009 with radio stations threatening to ban her new single – for being too rude.

Britney decided to release If You Seek Amy as her third single from her Circus album.

The title initially sounds innocent, but it’s actually a bit naughty when said slowly.

To put it into context, one of the lines from the song reads: ‘All the boys and the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy.’


And, US stations took umbrage over it when they realised what it meant, consqeuently threatening to ban it from the airwaves.

So, according to The Sun, in response to the outrage, Brit and her label have simply dropped the ‘K’ from the end of ‘seek’ and renamed the song If You See Amy.  

It might not make sense in the context of the song anymore – but at least it’ll keep all the parents happy.


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