So This Donald Trump Beauty Tutorial Is Brilliant…

Trumping is the new contouring, apparently.

Just when you thought the internet couldn’t get any better, someone goes and makes a Donald Trump-inspired beauty tutorial video. LOL.

According to actress Tess Paras who posted the parody YouTube video, Trumping (sniggers) is a new type of contouring that all beauty boffins need to get on board with, stat.

It seems to involve applying a whole lotta orange foundation in patches across the face, plus using a concealer in the shade of ‘Veiled White Supremacy’ to highlight the lips and eye socket area.

‘A lot of you guys had been writing to me requesting a tutorial for this look that is trending,’ she explains to her subscribers on YouTube. ‘It’s not strobing, it’s not contouring, it is Trumping.’

Tess posted the video – in which she calls out Donald Trump on some of his most outrageous political comments

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