Butter London launch Waterless Pedicure

Butter London have launched their Waterless Pedicure, inspired by the water-free backstage of Fashion Weeks

According to a recent declaration by nail buffs Butter London, feet are now feet officially sexy.

But if the mention of sandals has you running for the hills (and socks), don’t be alarmed, help is at hand.

Born from the over-rushed, under-resourced atmosphere backstage at Fashion Weeks, Butter London have created a unique concept: the Waterless Pedicure.

A pedicure without water may seem like a sandwich without bread, but BL have done it. A 4-part collection of peel, wipes, crème and balm, the Waterless Pedicure is a super-glam feet kit in luxe high-fashion packaging.

Treat your toes from £13 and flaunt your feet with pride!


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