Everything you need to know about vaginal discharge

...like that discharge is full of healthy bacteria

You might already know about the bad kind of vaginal discharge (think thrush and bacterial vaginosis) but how about the other every day stuff? Yeah, we’re talking about the normal stuff you find in your pants at the end of the day. It’s not something to be grossed out by because it really is normal – and most of the time, it’s a sign your vagina is doing its job!

And, just FYI, all vaginas have an odour so don’t feel too paranoid about yours. But obviously sometimes this can be stronger than others, depending on monthly hormonal changes or how much you’re sweating.

Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ so actually keeping it too clean can disrupt the natural pH balance that keeps you infection-free. And, discharge is there to help clean – and lubricate – your vagina.

It should normally be clear or white and be pretty much odourless, or at least, not smell unpleasant.

If your discharge is coloured or has a strange smell, or if you’re feeling sore down there (or itchy), then you may have an infection. Everything else? Pretty damn normal.

Normal vaginal discharge

So, where does it come from? It’s basically mucus produced from your cervix (which is the lower part of your womb that leads to your vagina) and it does this to keep you lubricated and safe from infection.

Vaginal discharge before your period

This is when you will often have the most discharge because of the hormone changes in your body.

Vaginal discharge in pregnancy

And almost all women experience having more vaginal discharge during pregnancy. It happens because the neck of your womb (your cervix) is getting softer, along with your vaginal walls, so you produce more discharge to make sure no infections can travel into the womb. (It’s quite clever when you think about it.)

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