Young British girls are drinking too heavily

Teenage girls are drinking too heavily with the misconception that they can keep up with the boys

Teenaged girls from the UK are some of the heaviest drinkers in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

Professor Candice Currie, co-ordinator of a WHO study across America and Europe, believes the varying stats could be related to gender equality in different countries.

‘In some aspects of risk taking there’s quite clear gender equalisation going on in the western countries, whereas there are still quite big gender gaps in drinking and sexual behaviour in the east,’ says Professor Currie.

Campaigns director for Alcohol Concern Emily Robinson agrees saying: ‘I think there’s a feeling that women can do exactly what men can.’

‘When it comes to alcohol there’s a physiological difference why that isn’t the case, regardless of size,’ she says. Women metabolise alcohol differently.’

The statistics show that England is the eighth worst country for teenage boozing, with Scotland coming in at number seven and Wales shockingly high at number three.


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