A cup of coffee can boost your exercise regime

Research has shown caffeine provides extra energy during exercise

Coffee fanatics rejoice! Researchers have found consuming coffee in moderation (400mg a day) can increase the amount of adrenaline in the body and provide extra energy during exercise.

The caffeine contained in a cup of coffee can stimulate energy production and improve blood flow to the muscles and heart.

In particular, caffeine can also lead to improvements in the performance of endurance sports such as swimming, cycling and tennis.
Dietician Dr Sarah Schenker says: ‘The role that coffee and caffeine can play in sport has turned 180 degrees from banned substance to performance aid of choice by many athletes, and with good reason.

‘Scientists have proven that a dose of caffeine, equivalent to that in a cup of coffee, does enhance performance by boosting endurance, increasing concentration and ability to focus and lowering perception of pain.

‘This is all so important in those last agonising moments of a race or competition.’


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