Stop Everything: You Can Now Buy Sliced Chocolate

This is the best thing since sliced bread.

You can’t really go wrong with chocolate, but who knew you could go so right? The world’s greatest invention is here: sliced chocolate.


Created by a Japanese company, Bourbon, each chocolate slice is two millimetres wide and will change the way you enjoy your chocolate sandwiches, desserts and, let’s face it, after-dinner snacks.

It’s the perfect antidote to messy, time-consuming chocolate spread, and the perfect way to jazz up everything from crepes to biscuits.

Source: giphy

Each pack contains five slices of thick, creamy, delicious chocolate – just make sure you don’t eat ’em all up before you’ve even had a chance to use them as they were meant to be used.

Even the thought of watching one melt into a hot chocolate is getting us all excited.

Would you use a chocolate slice, or is this treacherous to the old faithful chocolate spread? Let us know your thoughts @marieclaireuk

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