9 amazing facts you didn’t know about Champagne


If you’re seeing in New Year’s Eve in ‘traditional’ style, you’ll probably be sipping a glass or two of Moët & Chandon on the dance floor. So, as it’s the season and all that, here are some little known facts about champagne to get you in to the party spirit …

1. Forget the flutes

Contrary to everything you’ve been told about champagne etiquette, if you want to take full advantage of the taste, a wine glass is the way to go. Preferably with a wider base and slightly narrower at the top, as this will release more of the aroma and allows the champagne to breathe, creating a fruitier, superior taste. They’re also easier to wash up, which can’t hurt post-party.


2. Marilyn Monroe truly lived the champagne life

She’s said to have once taken a bath in a tub filled with 350 bottles of the stuff. Moët bubble bath, anyone?

3. Science says it’s good for you

According to a 2013 study by the University of Reading, drinking one to three glasses of champagne a week can improve your brain health and prevent memory loss. Although that’s quite the opposite of how we feel the morning after the night before…


4. We have a lot to thank Dom Perignon for

That’s Dom Pierre Perignon, the French monk who is said to have originally created champagne. Apparently when he first tasted it, he shouted, ‘Come quickly, brother. I’m tasting stars!’

5. It doubles up as a nifty shoe polish

In the 19th century, members of English high society polished their boots with bubbly. Seems like a bit of a waste to us…


6. There are around 49 million bubbles in a bottle of champagne

The smaller the bubbles, the better the quality.

7. Winston Churchill was a fan

The former British Prime Minister is said to have been served Pol Roger every day at 11 am in a special one-pint bottle. He supposedly drank 42,000 bottles in his lifetime, whilst also running the county.


8. Wimbledon is big on champagne

Forget strawberries and cream, it’s all about champers at the tennis, with 28,000 bottles served at the event each year.

9. You have to try it with cheese

If you thought cheese with red wine was the one, you’d be wrong. Brie goes perfectly with rosé champagne, whilst salty cheese such as parmesan and cheddar taste great with vintage. Bottoms up!

But, as with anytime of the year, don’t forget to drink responsibly…

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