This is how you can date a Jamie Dornan lookalike

And Jake Gyllenhaal, David Gandy, Ed Sheeran etc

Let’s be serious here. Yes, celebrity crushes are mainly for teenagers but you’d be lying if you didn’t admit to having a hypothetical list.

You know, the celebrity list of people that you could get with if the opportunity were to ever arise – but reality check, this rarely happens.

However, dating app Badoo has made a slight loophole to how you can date a celebrity right now (kind of.)

OK, not really, but the online dating site now has a setting that allows you to find any celebrity’s lookalike using a face recognition technology – and who are we to argue with science? Now, it’s time to just scrub up on those first date dos and don’ts.

Although you might feel like you’ll end up vying for that one person on the app that everyone has landed on, you’ll be plased to know that Jake Gyllenhaal, for example, has 975 lookalikes on Badoo and Ed Sheeran has 1408 lookalikes, so there’s plenty to go around.

And, yes, we fully plan on looking up Jamie Dornan lookalikes, too.

But, our biggest question is, which celebrity do we look like?

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