Well this is exciting news for Keira Knightley

Going back to her roots

Back in 1995, Keira Knightley was taking jobbing roles in TV shows like The Bill. Fast forward seven years and that’s when her breakthrough role in Bend it like Beckham screened.

But, really, it was 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean that put the 32-year-old British actress on Hollywood’s radar.

And now, the star is finally reprising her role in Disney’s Pirates franchise after last appearing in one of the films back in 2007.

Where will Elizabeth Swann be 10 years on!? She didn’t feature in the fourth instalment so we’re looking forward to seeing how her and Orlando Bloom’s character are getting on – and obviously her period wardrobe, too, obviously.

Here’s the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales trailer here…

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