We bet you didn’t know these hidden Bio-Oil benefits

It's so much more than just a stretch mark remedy

Bio-Oil is a well known skincare remedy that’s you no doubt see on the supermarket shelves all the time. But chances are there are a lot more Bio-Oil benefits than you’re aware of.

Made with rosemary and chamomile oils and enriched with vitamins A and E, it’s one of the biggest skincare buys in the world and has rightly achieved cult beauty product status due to its skin healing and repairing properties.

Not only can it be used as a lip primer and a hair serum, it can help to repair cracked and dry feet – ideal for flip flop season. There are even bio oil benefits for your manicure, as a small drop massaged into your cuticles helps to keep them soft and healthy.

From a moisturiser to an anti-ageing hero and everything else in between, read on to wise up on the best Bio-Oil benefits from head to toe. Who knew that a household item could be so versatile?

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Bio oil benefits on your face

You may presume that Bio-Oil can only be used on the body, but it’s perfectly safe to use on your face, known to improve an uneven skin tone and the appearance of ageing over time as a daily moisturiser.

It’s particularly effective if you struggle with acne scars. In a Peking University study of 64 subjects with newly-formed acne scars, 64% of participants noticed an improvement in the scars’ condition, and 90% found that improved the colour of the scars.

From a cosmetic perspective, applying a thin layer to your lips before your lipstick keeps your lips moisturised and stops them from drying out (nothing looks worse than a cracked lip-lipstick combo). And anything that prolongs the life of your lipstick gets a thumbs up from us.

Bio oil benefits for scars

It’s not just fresh acne scars that Bio-Oil disguises well. It can be used on old war wounds too, whether they’re from surgery, an old accident or even chicken pox. Dermatological research in Germany found that after 8 weeks, 92% of Bio-Oil users saw an improvement in the appearance of their scars, regardless of the original source of injury.

Bio oil for stretch marks

Probably one of the most well-known Bio-Oil benefits is its use on stretch masks, as any new mum or mum-to-be will tell you.

It’s worth noting that the newer the scar, the better Bio-Oil will be able to treat it, so you should slather it on as soon as you notice a stretch mark – fresher stretch marks will be pink in colour and more noticeable, while older stretch marks are usually a bit lighter than your natural skin tone.

Don’t be disheartened if you’re hoping to hide older stretch marks: although it’s by no means a miracle cream, Bio-Oil can still dull down how noticeable older stretch marks are, so it’s definitely worth trying out to see how you get on.

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