Watch: Nail Summer Beauty In Five Steps

The hair, the make-up, the nails - we've got it all sussed...

The hair, the make-up, the nails - we've got it all sussed...

Rewind to 2000. The summer was a scorcher, without even a whisper of breeze to break the spell of heat. That year I was into what my friends affectionately dubbed 'geisha' make-up - inspired by Gwen Stefani and her pale, crimson-lipped peers, I wore a mask of whiter than white foundation and liberal application of MAC Ruby Woo on my lips, making me look a little like a creepy moon. Thumbing through the old pictures today, I fully understand why more than one bottle of fake tan was pressed into my hands.

Worse than the make-up crimes was that the formulas - and my application techniques - weren't quite up to resisting the weather, resulting in a lot of smearing and more than a few odd looks cast my way.

16 years on, and things have improved immensely. Not only have I relinquished the unflattering dream of wearing cool-toned make-up without any bronzer (some can pull it off, I truly can't), but I've also discovered the clever formulas and tricks to putting together a summer face that won't drip down my broderie anglaise. Watch the video to see them in action, and heed these rules for a breezy, skin-illuminating, eye-enhancing look that’ll see you through any heat waves that come our way:

Go Lightweight. By this I mean steer clear of heavy-handed applications of colour products - the words wash, stain, tint and hint are your make-up friends this summer. If you want more of a pop of colour, just build the layers until you’re satisfied with the intensity. Having trouble finding the right BB Cream for your skin type? Our sister site Powder has got it covered.

Bouncy Hair Wins Every Time. Is there a single summer beauty icon you can think of who doesn’t have mussed up hair? I can’t. Gisele, Bardot, Shields in Blue Lagoon: all about the big, ruffled mane. The good news is that if you’re not naturally blessed, you can easily fake it. The key is in the size of the curling wand’s barrel - the Cloud 9 Waving Wand I use in the video is the right size to add movement to hair.

Look For Clever Products. Three-in-ones are everywhere at the moment and it’s hardly surprising - fewer products mean less faff, time and money. In this video are three firm favourites:

Dior Hydra Life Water BB moisturises, provides SPF and offers medium coverage (let your freckles shine through!)

Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion protects from heat damage, adds a UV shield and speeds up drying time.

Clarins Fix’ Make Up spray helps to extend the life of make-up while also nourishing skin and warding off pollutants. Save

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