How to find your perfect red lipstick

With just a few quick clicks...

With just a few quick clicks...

A little red lipstick can go a long way in the make-up department but as we all know too well not all lipsticks are made equal.

But how do you sort the good from the bad when there are so many different shades of red out there? Firstly, you head to Powder for their tailored-to-you red lipstick recommendations.

The secret is to find one that completely works with your colouring. Basically, everything from the undertones of your skin, to your hair and eye colour.

Yes, it’s undeniably the hardest part of finding a new lipstick but these small things really do make a big difference when finding a shade of red that suits you.

Oh and don’t forget you’ll also need to consider the type of finish you want, are you more of a glossy kind of girl or do you prefer a longer-lasting matte formula?

Then, just when you’ve finally commit to a tube and parted with your cash it turns out it just wasn’t the one for you.

And then the said lipstick, which you wasted hours (and pounds) searching for is thrown to the back of your make-up draw whilst you silently curse the store-staff who convinced you to buy it.

Sound familiar?

Never fear ladies, bad beauty buys and swatching lipsticks on the back of your hands is about to become no more than a distant, messy memory.

Meet Powder, our beauty sister site that will help you on the way to a perfect red pout.

Want to know how? We’ll let you in on their secret…

Brought to you by the leading beauty Editors' at Marie Claire, InStyle and Look, this brand new beauty site is an edit of the absolute best that skincare and make-up has to offer.

It cleverly sorts through these beaut products and then gives you a personalised recommendation to suit your skin, beauty needs and bank balance.

Whether you’re after a red lipstick that’ll perfect your Friday night outfit or a concealer that’ll tackle those dark circles, they’ll find the best one for you.

And it’s pretty simple, all you have to do is sign-up (it’s free) answer a few questions about your beauty self and within seconds you’ll be matched to a product.

PLUS it’s also completely tailored to you; with tips and tricks from beauty experts to help you make the most of your new beauty find .

Tracing the outside of your lips with concealer to stop the dreaded bleed actually works people!

Now you can find the perfect red lipstick for YOU without the need for perusing miles of beauty aisles.

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