A Halloween Zombie Make-Up Tutorial Made Easy

Forget about a vampy lip or a smokey eye - these are the real halloween looks you need to master

Forget about a vampy lip or a smokey eye - these are the real halloween looks you need to master

It’s October. So that means – aside from anything else like autumnal leaves and the slow descent into Christmas – that Halloween is upon us. Actually we should be more upbeat about that – HALLOWEEN IS UPON US. And, it’s only the most exciting time of the year. 

That’s why, in this Basic Training Halloween Spooktacular Special, we’ve got a series of videos coming up showing you how to create the most badass Halloween looks for any parties you’re going to. Because you don’t want to end up as a cat or a witch in a room full of people dressed the same now, do you? Do you?

We’ve enlisted the help of Alice Bizarre a special FX make-up artist who had helped us to (as simply as possible) create a basic zombie make-up tutorial.

A zombie is a brilliant look to have in your Halloween repertoire, and so versatile. You can add zombie as a prefix to ANYTHING, ever. A zombie bride, a zombie doctor, a zombie Lindsay Lohan (ok, we know she’s not dead, but it still sort of works?) The rules are as follows, however: Your zombie make-up must be accompanied an upward eye roll to create an authentic zombie appeal. You have to practice and hone your zombie noises and phrases like ‘mmmm, smells like people’ and ‘Let me feast on your braaaains…’ etc. And above all you must practice the all-important zombie walk. Pair the above with your awesome make-up and witty costume choices, and you’ll basically look pretty epic. Which, after all, is the point of Halloween fancy dress.

Go forth and be scary.

Here’s a list of the kit Alice used to create this look:

Cream Or Grease Paints You can get these from professional make-up stores like PAM, Charles Fox, Screen Face. Brands like Ben Nye and Kryolan are a great choice. 

TRY: Kryolan Supracolor Make-Up Palette 12. £29.95 

Proper Fake Blood

The cheap stuff you get at joke shops is ok, but it’s often too runny or not realistic enough. Alice’s tip is to add a little liquid liner to yours to darken it and make it look more realistic. 

TRY: Ben Nye Stage Blood. £2.30 

Scab Blood This stuff gives a more lived-in blood look – it’s the consistency of jam and ideal for a zombie. 

TRY: Fleet Street Bloodworks Drying Pastes. Colour: Scab. £14.44

Eyeshadows Any brands will work – you just need a black and potentially a gray shadow for this look. 

TRY: Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow. £6.99

Black Eyeliner To create cracks in the skin. Nice. 

TRY: Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. £5.99

A Stippling Sponge

It makes the blood look way more realistic – serious gamechanger alert guys!

TRY: Snazaroo Stipple Sponge. £1.25

A Setting Powder Though translucent powder will do, this stuff is more hardcore if you’re parting all night!

TRY: Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder. £3.94

Liked this? Drop Alice Bizarre a line @alicebizarremua and me, Senior Beauty Ed @itsmeanitab if you give it a go! #basictraining